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  • 产品名称: Gravity Rack

  Gravity rack is a high-density storage with low energy consumption, and a manifestation of enterprise’s powerful strength. At the bottom, there are steel rollers to carry trays, for a certain gradient in the longitudinal direction of rack, goods on the tray can slide to the other side by its self weight, and there are a set number of damp rollers alternately arranged among the common rollers for controlling the sliding speed of goods. A safe separator is arranged at the outlet of the roller path, which can separate the first tray at the side for taking delivery of goods with the next tray automatically, providing convenience for forklift to take goods from the roller path. It is possible to design working modes of first-in first-out and first-in last-out.

  First-in first-out: Goods are put in one end of rack, and taken out from the other end. It only needs two passages for goods first-in first-out, but not needing power. It is especially perfect for enterprises in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, drinks, chemical industry, etc., with products having shelf life.

  First-out last-in: Goods are put in and taken out at the same end, only one passage is needed, and it can make best use of space in warehouse. It is suitable for goods without stringent requirement on storage time.

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