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  • 产品名称: Steel Platform

  It is a wholly-assembled structure, in which uprights are commonly made from square tubes, circular tubes or hot-rolled H-steel, main beams and subsidiary beams are commonly made from hot-rolled steel and cold bend C-steel, the floor plate is formed by cold-rolled steel floor slabs that are buckled each other, and the floor plate is locked with main beams and subsidiary beams by specially-designed locking mechanisms, and is possible to match with lighting systems. Goods are transported to the second floor or the third floor by forklifts, lift platform or goods lift, and then to the specific location by trolley or pallet truck. Compared with reinforced concrete platform, it has short construction period, moderate construction cost, easy disassembly and assembly and available use in different places. Generally speaking, the floor plate can carry load at 1,000kg/m2. This is often used for the third-party logistics and machine manufacturing industry, etc.

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